10 Questions You Should Ask Your Bail Agent

10. Is the bail premium a one time payment or an annual premium?

The requirement set out by the Department of Insurance is that a new bond be posted every year. Some bai bondsmen will reissue a new bond for you at no additional charge, while others will charge you every year. There is a cost to the bail bondsman to issue the bond, but some, like us at 1st Class Bail Bonds feel that filing a new bond is part of their original service. Be sure to ask your bail agent before hand so you know what to expect.

9. Will you itemize all your expenses on a bond forfeiture?

If the person skips bail and doesn’t make their court appearances after being bailed out there will be expenses that the bail bondsman has to deal with. Some bail agents will just send you a bill and demand payment. Don’t tolerate that kind of treatment. Make sure they send you an itemized list of all of the expenditures before you pay them anything.

8. Will you put in writing all the financing terms?

Some bail agents will let you pay with flexible terms. So you pay part of the money to day and part later. The part that you paid later needs to be clarified and put into writing or else you can run into some trouble. Make sure you get clearly written terms for how much you will pay each month over how many months and what other charges may be incurred if any.

7. How many homes did you start foreclosure on last year?

This is an important question especially if you’re putting up your home as collateral. Foreclosures can be very expensive and cost you in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t want to be in that situation. Better to know beforehand how your bail bondsman treats foreclosures and if they’ll work with you to pay off the debt.

6. Have any clients sued you in the last year?

In general this should serve as a red flag. If the bail agency you’re working with is being sued by someone that gives you an indication that something might be amiss. A common complaint is unreturned collateral. If they are being sued, figure out why they are being sued and determine if that’s a company that you want to do business with.

5. Has your license ever been suspended or restricted, and why?

It’s pretty uncommon for the Department of Insurance to take disciplinary action against a bail bondsman, so if you’re dealing one that has had their license restricted or suspended you’ll want to know why. You can also look this information up online.

4. How long have you been a licensed bail agent/ how old is your company?

This will give you a general idea of their experience and professionalism. The longer they’ve been in business the better the quality of their advice will be for you.

3. Where/in what state is the home office of your general agent/surety?

This can become an issue in case the bail agent you’re dealing with goes out of business. If they do then you’ll have to deal with the insurance company, wherever that might be. If they’re far away in another state that could create a lot of hassles for you.

2. Will you list any reporting requirements or other conditions of bail?

There may be other conditions for the bail other than simple payment of the bail premium. Especially with drug charges, these may include taking classes, maintaining a job, telephone check ins, wearing a skip bracelet, among other things. Make sure you understand what these conditions are and get them in writing before proceeding.

1. Will you throw the defendant back in jail if the bond is not forfeited/under what circumstances?

This is a very important question to ask. Some bail bondsmen enjoy the power trip of being able to put someone they bail out back in jail at any time, and will abuse this power by putting people in jail for trivial matters. You should only deal with bail bonds companies that will arrest someone only once the bail bond has been forfeited.

Ready to Bail Someone Out?

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